Toggenburg in the summer. Nestled between the Churfirsten mountain range and Säntis; 1000 to 2500 metres above sea level. The perfect picture for a storybook holiday: hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, playing, singing… and shouting with joy. Or just sit quietly in the sun watching and listening. Relax and truly enjoy life - in Toggenburg. Sounds great!

If you drive in early summer from Wil up into the Toggenburg valley, upon arriving in Starkenbach an awe-inspiring view will unfold before your eyes. Just imagine lush green meadows blazing with bright yellow dandelions under a deep blue sky – and all this surrounded by the mighty Säntis and the imposing jagged peaks of the seven Churfirsten mountains. It's like entering another world. In autumn the horizon is plunged into a sea of orange in the early morning, lending a mystical air to the spectacular landscape. Suddenly you feel awash with that sense of freedom and endless vacation you yearn for all year long.