Klangwelt Toggenburg

"Klangwelt" Toggenburg

Yodelling in the great outdoors, cow bells, dulcimers and alphorns: 'Toggenburg' is music to your ears. For almost 20 years, Toggenburg has been building its reputation as a unique heartland for sounds and melodies -- and especially our Sound Trail (Klangweg). But there's more. We offer up sound in many unique forms: 'music' classes, sound wellness, a sound festival and even a sound forge. And naturally harmonious holidays that resonate within you for long after…

In 1993, musician Peter Roth started giving courses at the Schwendisee to teach the most important traditional forms of music found between Säntis and the Churfirsten mountain range: not only yodelling and traditional alpine prayer calls, but also cow bells as elements of alpine culture, and dulcimers as naturally-toned stringed instruments for dance music. Deeply rooted in the heritage of local residents, this unique sound culture is noted for its untempered natural tones, which show surprising connections to other music cultures in Europe, Africa and Asia. Toggenburg Klangwelt (world of sound) offers a variety of unique music courses, along the sound trail (Klangweg), at sound festivals and in the sound forge.


KlangWelt Toggenburg
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